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“I am so Positive that you will benefit from my book that I am even willing to issue this guarantee. If after reading the book and applying the principles, which are clearly laid out, you are not convinced the principles will change your life, return the book and I will give your money back. No ifs, ands or buts. My main goal for ten years has been to find the keys to happiness and meeting your goals the majority of the time and Positively change lives. The only way I know how to do it is to get the most important life changing research ever in the hands of people who truly want to become happier, healthier and more successful by discovering the real power.

There is no other book that goes into such detail with dozens of stories about average people who became winners. I guess you can call it a Positive story book.”

Ken Bossone, President, World Positive Thinkers

About the Author

Ken Bossone author of Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power

Ken Bossone is president of the World Positive Thinkers Club, which includes over 500 celebrities of the sports and business world. Members include Peyton and Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Bill Belichick, Brian Westbrook, Andy Reid, Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, Mrs. Ruth Stafford Peale, and the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the late Margaret Gorman (the first Miss America), and Michael Phelps. Cal Ripkin, Jr. is also a card carrying member. President Bush, Lance Armstrong, Bill Belichick, Mrs. Peale, Andy Reid, the late Gordon B. Hinckley and Larry King have a copy of his book. The club was started by Ken in 1995 and there are no dues at present. Plans are to eventually use funds to help hungry children in the United States. The club supports a child in Appalachia.

Ken is a published author, has written a series of positive input children’s books, as well as articles for Executive Excellence and Personal Excellence magazines, and has been on numerous radio shows. He is also a financial and business advisor with a flair for creating and evaluating business plans, as well as serving as a faculty member of the of prestigious Masters Program, and is Director of Sales for

He was named one of the three top athletes in Junior high school and in his senior year at Conestoga in Berwyn, Pa. was scouted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ken volunteered to serve his country in the Army, serving time in Korea where he earned the black belt in Karate. During his tenure in the Army he was named Outstanding Soldier of the Guard every time he pulled guard duty as well as earning letters of commendation and was named Soldier of the Month.

After the Army he started his career in sales and has won awards such as top producer of the month; most sales produced for a new agent and salesman of the year. He was a director of sales; one of the youngest regional sales supervisors in the insurance business, and was a training director, traveling around the United States conducting sales seminars. Part time Ken owned his own Karate dojo and taught self defense to police departments in the Main Line-Philadelphia, Pa. area, college students, YWCA, YMCA students, as well as conducting adult night school classes. He also has given talks on positive thinking to women’s, optimist, and lions clubs, as well as other organizations.

For the past ten years he has put his career on hold to research and write why people don’t reach goals and to discover and share the real secret of those who do. During his research and ten year journey he discovered the three-word motto of all winners, which he happily promulgates in this astounding, totally enjoyable book. It was not all fun and games, as Ken paid the ultimate price, by facing his own unbelievable personal tragedies and hardships, (which you will read about) but never once lost his positive attitude.


Established in 1998 by radio & TV personality and syndicated columnist and author, Jodie Lynn. The award recognizes products, books and websites that enhance the social, emotional and educational development of children. The selection committee is comprised of national experts in all areas of childhood growth. Real families are given the items for testing and evaluation for final decision after the committees approve. This is the only award program honored by

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About the Book

Table of Contents

1. The Positive Thinker Sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible, And Achieves the Impossible.
2. Dare to Risk
3. You Do Not Have to Be a Victim of Your Circumstances
4. Be Persistent as a Squirrel
5. Positive Thinkers are Happy and Have a Great Sense of Humor
6. Don’t Be Satisfied With Average
7. The Great Comebacks
8. Ordinary People Can Become Extraordinary
9. Don’t Itch For Something You are Not Willing to Scratch For
10. Faith in Yourself is Your Real Attitude
11. Who is the Best?
12. Are Women Better Positive Thinkers Than Men?
13. Positive Thinking, Nutrition, and Faith Improve Your Health
14. Mind Over Matter
15. The Positive Thinker Puts it All Together

A percentage of profits goes to the Hungry Children’s Fund and to help wounded soldiers.

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